‘Arcana Famiglia’ New CD Series! 4 CDs in Simultaneous Release Coming Soon

2015.12.18 <PASH! PLUS+>

Liberta, Nova and all the other characters enter the scene in pairs


     The long-awaited character CD from famous Arcana Famiglia game series and recently stage play has been recently released.

     This new CD series of Arcana Famiglia: La Vita Ferice is an epilogue of the 2013 game Arcana 2. A Total of 4 CDs featuring 2 characters in pairs, such as Liberta and Nova will be released.

     The CD contains dialogue of both the characters in a mini drama part and an individual situation part. How will the characters spend their “Cheerful Day”? This is the theme of the CDs.

     The CD covers have character designs and pictures drawn by Yomi Sarachi herself. In addition, short stories based on Arcana 2 stories serialized in Dengeki Girl Style are also re-printed in a booklet. Arcana fans will definitely want this!

     The game, Arcana Famiglia: La storia della Arcana Famiglia was also soon to be released for PlayStation (R) Vita. The Arcana CD series will be released on December 23, 2015. You won’t want to miss the Arcana of 2016!


Arcana Famiglia: La Vita Ferice Character CDs epilogo 1~4

Scheduled Release:February 24, 2016
       ※Total of 4 CDs released simultaneously
Price:2,500 yen (+ tax)



 Jacket Illustration=Yomi Sarachi 
   Scenario=Minami Tanikoji
   Production, Direction=HuneX

◆epilogo 1



 Liberta=Jun Fukuyama
   Nova=Tsubasa Yonaga


     Liberta and Nova are now mature enough to overcome the family crisis and support the organization. While they seem like they’ve grown up, they’re still always fighting. As their roles change, their worries seem to increase….

CD Tracks:

◇Track1   Title Call: (featuring Jun Fukuyama, Tusbasa Yonaga)
◇Track2   Liberta: Mini Drama Part (featuring Jun Fukuyama, Tusbasa Yonaga)
◇Track3   Liberta: Situation Part (featuring Jun Fukuyama)
◇Track4    Nova: Mini Drama Part (featuring Tusbasa Yonaga, Jun Fukuyama)
◇Track5    Nova: Situation Part (featuring Tusbasa Yonaga)
◇Track6  Free talk with Jun Fukuyama as Liberta (featuring Jun Fukuyama)
◇Track7 Free talk with Tusbasa Yonaga as Nova (featuring Tusbasa Yonaga)




 Debito=Hiroyuki Yoshino
   Ash=Nobuhiko Okamoto


     Despite riots in Nordia, life in Regalo returns to so called normalcy. Ash, living in the mansion as one of the family members, starts thinking about Debito….

CD Tracks:

◇Track1    Title Call (featuring Nobuhiko Okamoto, Hiroyuki Yoshino)
◇Track2    Debito: Mini Drama Part (featuring Nobuhiko Okamoto, Hiroyuki Yoshino)
◇Track3   Debito: Situation Part (featuring Hiroyuki Yoshino)
◇Track 4  Ash: Mini Drama Part (featuring Nobuhiko Okamoto, Hiroyuki Yoshino)
◇Track 5  Ash: Situation Part (featuring Nobuhiko Okamoto)
◇Track 6  Free Talk with Hiroyuki Yoshino as Debito (featuring Hiroyuki Yoshino)
◇Track 7  Free Talk with Nobuhiko Okamoto as Ash (featuring Nobuhiko Okamoto)




 Pace=Tomokazu Sugita
 Luca=Yūichi Nakamura


     A cool breeze is flowing through Regalo during its peaceful days. Here we have the cheerful Pace and and gentle Luca. The two seem the same as before but subtle changes are in the atmosphere.

CD Tracks:

◇Track1 Title Call (featuring Tomokazu Sugita, Yūichi Nakamura)
◇Track2  Pace: Mini Drama Part (featuring Tomokazu Sugita, Yūichi Nakamura)
◇Track3  Pace: Situation Part (featuring Tomokazu Sugita
◇Track 4 Luka: Mini Drama Part (featuring Tomokazu Sugita, Yūichi Nakamura)
◇Track 5  Luka: Situation Part (featuring Yūichi Nakamura)
◇Track 6  Free Talk with Tomokazu Sugita as Pace (featuring Tomokazu Sugita)
◇Track 7  Free Talk with Yūichi Nakamura as Luka (featuring Yūichi Nakamura)




 Dante=Jūrota Kosugi
 Jolly=Koji Yusa


     The Arcana Famiglia has overcome many hardships. As part of the maturing next generation, Dante and Jolly wonder about Regalo’s future.

CD Tracks:

◇Track1    Title Call (Featuring Jūrota Kosugi, Koji Yusa)
◇Track2    Dante: Mini Drama Part (Featuring Jūrota Kosugi, Koji Yusa)
◇Track3    Dante: Situation Part (Featuring Jūrota Kosugi)
◇Track 4  Jolly: Mini Drama Part (Featuring Jūrota Kosugi, Koji Yusa)
◇Track 5  Jolly: Situation Part (Featuring Koji Yusa)
◇Track 6  Free Talk with Jūrota Kosugi as Dante (Featuring Jūrota Kosugi)
◇Track 7  Free Talk with Koji Yusa as Jolly (Featuring Koji Yusa)

◆Animate Special Edition

Contents: SS Minibook Bundle (Character Epilogos前日譚) with original drawings
Price:3,100 yen (+ tax)

Special Extra for Buying All 4 at Once:Original Design SD Acrylic Key Holders (incl. David, Pace, Luka)

Arcana Famiglia :La storia della Arcana Famiglia Encora

Scheduled Release Date:December 23, 2015
Price:Physical Version 4,980 yen (+ tax)
           Downloadable Version  4,500 yen (+ tax)
Genre:Adventure Spinning the Wheels of Fate (Romantic Visual Novel for Females)
Compatible System:PlayStation Vita


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