‘Houseki no Kuni’ and SuperGroupies out with Anime fashion colaboration

2015.12.05 <PASH! January 2016 Issue>

Limited edition Chic backpacks and handbags on offer

©Ichikawa Haruko/Kodansha Ltd.


     Houseki no Kuni is a comic that takes place in a fantastic future world and has a story of fighting gems. SuperGroupies have released limited editions of backpacks and shoulder bags in collaboration with this comic series. Orders will start from December 4, 2015.

     Backpacks are designed in exactly same way as the of clothing of gems appearing in Houseki no Kuni, which is a shirt and a black jacket. In addition, a necktie decorated with a stringed tassel and multicolored jewels designed on the flaps represent the characters of gems.

     Shoulder bags have a design of jewels on a black background. The jewels decorate the front side of the bag as that of backpack. The shoulder bag is a 2-way design. If you remove its belt, you can use it as a handbag. Pull the strings to make the bag more compact.

     We are offering 2 impressive bags with bright colors and delicate stones. Since the production is limited as are reservations, people who are eager to buy the bags, hurry up!



Houseki no Kuni and SuperGroupies Collaboration bags

URL: http://www.super-groupies.com/feature/detail.php?id=184

Reservations: from December 4, 2015 (Fri) to December 20, 2015 (Sun)
* Offer only as supplies last.
Scheduled date of products arrival: around end of April, 2016

■ Houseki no Kuni/Backpack

Price: 9,800 yen (+ tax)  

2015113_0001hksg_2_20151204-250x375 2015113_0004hksg_2_20151204-250x375 2015113_0002hksg_2_20151204-250x375 

■ Houseki no Kuni/Shoulder bags

Price: 7,800 yen (+ tax)

2015113_0012hksg_1_20151204-250x375 2015113_0009hksg_1_20151204-250x375 2015113_0013hksg_1_20151204-250x375
2015113_0014hksg_1_20151204-250x375 2015113_0010hksg_1_20151204-250x375 2015113_0015hksg_1_20151204-250x375
2015113_0017hksg_1_20151204-250x375 2015113_0016hksg_1_20151204-250x375

* Designs shown here are for illustrative purposes only. The final product may be little different from the images.

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