“Yuri!!!” Pairs of Yuri Katsuki & Victor, Yuri Plisetsky & Otabek are on Sale as Tin Badges!


Trio of Yuri Katsuki & Victor & Yuri Plisetsky is also lined up!

movic is selling new item “Chara-Badge Collection (10 types)” from TV anime “Yuri!!! on ICE”. Sales period will be around beginning of April and each package will cost 300yen + tax. 1 box (10 packages) will cost 3,000yen + tax.

This item includes pairs of Yuri Katsuki & Victor, Yuri Katsuki & Yuri Plisetsky, Yuri Katsuki & Phichit, Yuri Plisetsky & Otabek and trios of Yuri Katsuki & Victor & Yuri Plisetsky. Each of illustrations are designed in 2 different patterns.
yurionice_0014-250x250 yurionice_0063-250x250 yurionice_0024-250x250 yurionice_0073-250x250 yurionice_0034-250x250 yurionice_0083-250x250 yurionice_0043-250x250 yurionice_0093-250x250 yurionice_0053-250x250 yurionice_0103-250x250


*purchasing 1 box will not guarantee completing all lineups.
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