Uniform-Themed Messenger Bags Of “Kuroko’s Basketball” Are Appearing


All the line-ups are: Seirin model, Kaijō model, Shūtoku model, Tōō model, Yōsen model and Rakuzan model.


From a popular manga series “Kuroko’s Basketball”, a uniform-themed messenger bags are to be on sale. An advanced order will be starting from January 6 to January 23, 2017.

There are 6 types of bags: Seirin model, Kaijō model, Shūtoku model, Tōō model, Yōsen model and Rakuzan model. Each of them has the color of their school’s uniforms, and school names, basketballs and goals are embroidered on them. The designs are simple, usable for both male and female.


“Kuroko’s Basketball” messenger bag

Advance ordering period: January 6 to January 23, 2017
Arrival period of goods: in middle May, 2017
Prise: 9,800 yen + tax
Sales from: BANDAI
Agency: Premium Bandai, SuperGroupies



http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000111376/?rt=pr (Premium Bandai)
http://www.super-groupies.com/feature/detail.php?id=353 (SuperGroupies)



Seirin high-school model
kurobasu_20170106_002 kurobasu_20170106_030 kurobasu_20170106_035 kurobasu_20170106_014 kurobasu_20170106_072

Kaijō high-school model
kurobasu_20170106_004 kurobasu_20170106_027 kurobasu_20170106_034 kurobasu_20170106_026 kurobasu_20170106_103

Shūtoku high-school model
kurobasu_20170106_005 kurobasu_20170106_029 kurobasu_20170106_036 kurobasu_20170106_018 kurobasu_20170106_083

Tōō high-school model
kurobasu_20170106_001 kurobasu_20170106_114 kurobasu_20170106_116 kurobasu_20170106_113 kurobasu_20170106_117

Yōsen high-school model
kurobasu_20170106_006 kurobasu_20170106_028 kurobasu_20170106_033 kurobasu_20170106_021 kurobasu_20170106_062

Rakuzan high-school model.
kurobasu_20170106_003 kurobasu_20170106_031 kurobasu_20170106_032 kurobasu_20170106_024 kurobasu_20170106_096