Hottest New ‘Gintama’ Tote Bags Now Available

2016.07.26 <PASH! PLUS+>

Four tote bags representing four characters: Shiroyasha・Kondo・Okita・Yamazaki☆

©Hideaki Sorachi/Shueisha・TV Tokyo・Dentsu・BNP・Aniplex

     Love Gintama? Then this is just for you! Starting on July 26th, 2016, you can send in your pre-orders for the new tote bag inspired by the popular TV anime series, Gintama.

     The lineup includes four types of bags, starting with Sakata Gintoki in his former self as Shiroyasha, along with Isao Kondo, Sogo Okita, and Sagaru Yamazaki of the Shinsengumi. The bags have simple designs with a basic theme of white and black which express each character. The interior of the bags are lined with original prints of the characters, each expressing the character’s individuality.

     The bag is just the perfect size for carrying around when you meet up with your friends or when you’re going out into town. Plus, the simple yet stylish design makes it a perfect bag to have around when you need to make a quick errand run. Easy to hold, you can enjoy looking, feeling and being extra stylish with this tote bag. Keep reading and check out which design is your favorite♡

     Details :

     ‘Gintama’ tote bags

Price : 12,800yen + tax (each)
     Types : 4 types (Shiroyasha, Isao Kondo, Sogo Okita, and Sagaru Yamazaki designs)
     Booking period : July 26th – August 14th, 2016
     *Bookings will be closed once the limited stock is finished.
     Estimated delivery date : End of October 2016
     Handling : SuperGroupies

     URL :

     ◇ Shiroyasha design
     shiro_20160726_010 shiro_20160726_050 shiro_20160726_020

     shiro_20160726_030 shiro_20160726_040 shiro_20160726_060
     shiro_20160726_070 shiro_20160726_080 shiromodel_20160726_060

Isao Kondo design
     kondou_20160726_010 kondou_20160726_040 kondou_20160726_020
     kondou_20160726_030 kondou_20160726_060 kondou_20160726_050
     kondou_20160726_070 kondoumodel_20160726_000     

Sogo Okita design
     okita_20160726_030 okita_20160726_060 okita_20160726_040
     okita_20160726_050 okita_20160726_010 okita_20160726_020
     okita_20160726_070 okitamodel_20160726_010 

Sagaru Yamazaki design
     yamazaki_20160726_010 yamazaki_20160726_020 yamazaki_20160726_030
      yamazaki_20160726_040 yamazaki_20160726_050 yamazaki_20160726_060  
     yamazaki_20160726_070 yamazakimodel_20160726_120

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