‘Detective Conan’ 20th Anniversary Character Inspired ‘Citizen’ Watches in Limited Numbered Release

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4 Model Lineup includes Conan, Kaito Kid, Ai Haibara and Heiji Hattori

ⒸGosho Aoyama/Shogagkukan・ytv・TMS 1996

     To celebrate the 20
th anniversary of the Detective Conan anime and manga, new commemorative goods have been released. Detective Conan and watch series Independent by Citizen Watch Company, have teamed up to make a set of special wrist watches officially authorized by original manga creator Gosho Aoyama. The first set of  watches will be available from March 16, 2016.

     With this official collaboration, four types of limited edition models inspired by four popular cha
racters from Detective Conan have been released. There are a total of 2000 watches produced of each type.

     The lineup of collaboration luxury watches featuring protagonist Edogawa Conan, Kaito Kid, Ai 
Haibara, and Heiji Hattori, were specially designed with motifs representing the style of each character. In addition, the specially shaped second hands are the ‘key’ to solving the mystery, counting down to a thrilling conclusion.

     Each watch has an individual edition number engraved on it. The wristbands have an attractive crocodile skin look, made
with cowhide leather. The Conan and Kid model watches also come with a metal belt, so you can pick your favorite to match the occasion. The watches come in a specially designed 20th anniversary celebration box on which symbols of each character have been printed. Furthermore, each box comes with a special message card by Gosho Aoyama. This is definitely a fine gem for fans. Be ready to watch the up-coming movie, Detective Conan : The Darkest Nightmare while wearing this collaboration watch.

     conanwathch20160314_15 conanwathch20160314_05

     Details :

     Citizen Watch Independent × Detective Conan Official Collaboration Watches

     Price 29,800 yen plus tax 
Special Separate Shipping Fees: 600 yen plus tax
     Available Units : Limited to 2,000 units per model
     On Sale : March 16, 2016
     Website : http://iei.jp/conan20a/

     Size : 
     Case SizeApprox.) :45×37 mm Leather
Approx.) : 1418 cm
     Metal Wristband  : S=15.6 cm,  M=16 cm,  L=18 cm

     Conan Edogawa Model

This is an amazing Conan model which comes with a Baker Street style dial. A Red bow tie at the middle produces a sound. It’s designed so that when the clock hits 12, the key opens the door of truth.

     conanwathch20160314_10 conanwathch20160314_09 conanwathch20160314_07               conanwathch20160314_08

    ★Comments by Gosho Aoyama
     I think this is a very stylish wrist watch with a real detective look. The bow neck tie and metal second hand, which looks like a key, are the most attractive part of this watch. I hope people will not use the needle for tranquilizing people. (Laughs)

     Kaito Kid Model

     Comes with a metallic belt watch inspired by Kaito Kid, who dashingly appears on the stage in his
white tuxedo. It is also designed with a clover that hangs at the end of a monocle and crescent moon.

     conanwathch20160314_04 conanwathch20160314_03 conanwathch20160314_01           conanwathch20160314_02

     ★Comments by Gosho Aoyama
     This Kaito Kid watch has a gold clover and mysterious arabesque dial. The silver white color is full of Kid’s style (Laughs).

     Ai Haibara Model

     The impressive Ai Haibara model is in contrasting purple and white. The design of the cool
beautiful face complements the aura of the adult Haibara.
     conanwathch20160314_19 conanwathch20160314_18 conanwathch20160314_17
     ★Comments by Gosho Aoyama
     I think the purple colors represent maturity. The APTX4869 and black rose designs are the key features of this watch. Huh? Since the watch represents Haibara, I wonder why the rose is not gray? Seriously (Laughs).

     Heiji Hattori Model

The watch has a vibrant green dial representing ‘The Detective of the West’. The glittering swords are the symbol of Heiji, a master of blades.
     conanwathch20160314_13 conanwathch20160314_12 conanwathch20160314_11

     ★Comments by Gosho Aoyama

     The green dial matches with the green brim of Heiji’s hat which he always hides under. The key feature of the watch is the crossed blades. Harley is a real samurai (Laughs).

     ※Contents of this product release are current as of this articles release. However they are subject to change without prior notice.                                                             
     ※Limited quantities only available while supplies last.

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