‘Magic Kyun! Renaissance’ the new magician anime announces a PS Vita game

2016.03.15 <PASH! PLUS+>

Coming to your portable Sony on September 9, 2016

©Project Magic-Kyun

     Magic Kyun! Renaissance
the brand new 2016 anime about magicians is already coming out with a game. The all-media project by Sunrise, Pony Canyon & Brocolli, has announced the launch of a new PS Vita game titled ‘Magic Kyun! Renaissance,‘ to be released on September 21, 2016.

     This will be an adventure game based on the interactions of the main female protagonist Ohana Aigasaki (first name may change) and the 6 male Artistas. Ohana has transferred to the Private Hoshinomori Magical Arts High School, a gathering of budding magicians. Here are the visuals of the 6 main characters who will be in this September game release.

     Teika Ichijoji (voiced by Yuichiro Umehara


     Aoi Suminomiya (voiced by KENN


     Tatewaki Rintaro (voiced by Yuuki Ono


     Anjo Louis (voiced by Wataru Hatano


     Monet Tsukushi (voiced by Shouta Aoi)


     Kanato Hibiki (Takuya Eguchi


     Keep a look out for further information on this game version of Magic Kyun! Renaissance.

     Details :

     Magic Kyun! Renaissance – the game

     Game platform : PlayStation Vita
     Release Date : September 21, 2016 (Wed)
     Price : 
         Standard version : 5980 yen + tax
         Limited edition ‘Kyun Kyun’ box : 7980 yen + tax

     Website : http://www.magic-kyun-game.jp/
     Twitter: @magic_kyun

     Staff : 
     Original : Yatate Hajime
     Character design: Kairi Yura
     Scenario: Hiesta
     Publisher : Broccoli
     Developer : Hunex

     Teika Ichijoji : voiced by Yuichiro Umehara
     Aoi Suminomiya : voiced by Kenn
     Tatewaki Rintaro : voiced by Yuuki Ono
     Anjo Louis : voiced by Wataru Hatano
     Monet Tsukushi : voiced by Shouta Aoi
     Kanato Hibiki : Takuya Eguchi

     Story :
     A world where the arts turn to magic…

     At the Hoshinomori Magical Arts High School where budding magicians (Artista) gather, the main protagonist Ohana Aigasaki, is – unusually – a transfer student.

     Ohana is chosen to be on the Executive Committee of the ‘Hoshinomori Summer festival’ immediately after having changed schools, and has to succeed in the “Ensemble”, which holds magic ‘Art session’ performances by all members of the committee. It’s a time when all 6 male members spend each day full of constant nerves.

     The pairs practice endlessly, aiming to be chosen as ‘Artista Prince & Princess’.

     The ‘Artista Prince & Princess’ pairing is selected once a year. The selected pair earns glory as Artistas with just one miracle.

     The Prince & Princess are united…

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