Smartphone games ‘Love Heaven’ and ‘Saibai Syounen’ collaborate in a special event

2016.01.14 <PASH! PLUS+>

Special present codes will be given away

ⒸLove Heaven Project/Ambition Ⓒ2016 Copyright 2016, 15COMBO, INC. All Rights Reserved.

     On January 14, 2016, a special collaborative event will be held to celebrate the release of two smartphone games directed at Otome – young maidens. Love Heaven is a touch-sensitive puzzle game and Saibai Syounen is a game of cultivation that features so called Mandrake Boys.

     During the event, users playing either game will receive benefits in the other game. Players of Love Heaven receive a serial code that can be exchanged for 700 stars for Saibai Syounen. Using the stars, players can buy Mandrake Boys or special items.

     Players of Saibai Syounen will be gifted 3 Gacha tickets. Gacha-style roulette plays are coveted, because they often produce rare and special items.

     Anyone playing either – or both – of the games should not miss this special opportunity. Or, if you are not playing already, this is a huge chance to get a head start!


Love Heaven and Saibai Syounen Collaboration Event

   Event Period: January 14 (Thu) 1:00pm – February 18 (Thu) 11:59pm

Love Heaven

Download Price: Free (fee based items available)

Twitter: @Love_Heaven_PR
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  • About Love Heaven
         “Love Heaven” is a novel crossing of two popular genres – puzzle and Otome styles!

         In the game, great men like Gogh, Schubert, and Oda Nobunaga go to war! You can choose from more than 100 great historical figures! By raising the favorability level of your favorite character, will it lead to romance?

         You can play to increase the favorability of you favorite historical character, or you can work towards raising the favorability of a whole team of characters. The choice is yours! Go on an adventure with your favorite hunk!

Saibai Syounen

Download Price: Free (fee based items available)

Genre: Training game for young maidens
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Download management: 15COMBO, INC.


  • About Saibai Syounen
          This game is a harvest game directed at young maidens. In it, players can cultivate and harvest over 300 types of pretty boys, who are called ‘Mandrakes’. After the harvest, you can enjoy the story of their lives.

         Pompous, herbivore, animal, Shota, infantile, teacher, uncle……
    People who love pretty boys will definitely be pleased with the variety of young boys!

         Let’s start playing Saibai Syounen set in the Magical Flower Garden. It is a secret place known only to the horticulture club of Municipal Green Academy!

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