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Yuri Plisetsky’s EX will be animated! Unveiling background stories of producing EX

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 “Yuri!!! on ICE” Director Sayo Yamamoto’s interview is written on PASH! May issue. Here are some comments about Yuri Plisetsky’s exhibition video, which will be attached to Blu-ray & DVD Volume 6. Fans should check this! Please be careful because the article includes some important factors revealed in the anime.

Yuri Plisetsky’s EX in GPF is a special story illustrated by both anime and manga

–Please tell us about Blu-ray & DVD Volume 6

Volume 6 includes super cool gifts. One of them is Yurio’s exhibition (EX) shown in grand prix final (GPF). The video is about 2 minutes scenes of his performance, and it’s related to manga drawn by Mitsuro Kubo, which will be given to all customers who have purchased all volumes of Blu-rays and DVDs. You will find out how his EX was made by reading the manga.

–Tell us how this video was produced.

First of all, I have thought about the background of how Yurio’s EX performance was made, before drawing the storyboard. I have come up with this story when I was thinking about his feeling after winning the GPF.

However, showing whole story in anime was impossible because it would cost too much and the video would be too long. Then I thought of offering Ms. Kubo to produce a manga, which became a perfect idea. So, please enjoy watching his performance after reading the manga. Manga and anime will greatly harmonize, and I think audience could faint by watching it (laugh).

–Can we ask about its story?

First, I was thinking that Lilia has made Yurio a program for EX, and he was performing this program made by Lilia for whole season. Lilia is a coach who is very strict in managing players, so I thought she has made the concept of the EX performance.

Yurio performs “Piano Concerto In B-Minor: Allegro Appasionato” in FS, so I was thinking that EX will be the continued story and thought of a ballet suite named “Hi Matsuri no Tenshi (Ritual fire angel)”. This idea was given by music producer Tominaga and Matsushiba.

However, Yurio has made a mistake in his FS and could not perform perfectly. He must be regretful and thinks that performing EX prepared by Lilia as usual will make audiences to remind his mistake made in FS. So, he decides of making a new program on the day before performing the EX.

–Making EX program the day before performing, is that possible in real life?

I also thought of that, but I found out that Skater from Uzbekistan called Misha Ge has actually made a program the day before performing. Furthermore, when I went to watch European Championships, one skater was choosing which song to dance on the day before EX performance. By hearing and watching these things, I thought making a program the day before performing happens a lot in real life.
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Kazakh Hero is collaborating with Russian Fairy!?

–Who will be the key person in this story, except Yurio?

I was thinking that Otabek’s characteristic of ‘DJ’ wasn’t useful in the anime (laugh). So, as a story, Otabek goes to a town called Poblenou after performing FS. It is a town between Barceloneta and Official hotel.

First, I was thinking of making him to go to Barceloneta, but noticed that clubs in Barceloneta play electro music. Since Yurio’s EX is not themed with electro music, I made him to go to Poblenou, where many clubs play rock music.

Yurio has already become friend with Otabek, so he was thinking that Otabek will take him to the club. However, since he is still 15 years old, the club refuses his entry. Then he tails Otabek to a club, and finds out Otabek in very cool DJ style. That is when he thinks of ‘May be Otabek can choose me a song…’ I can’t tell you about further story, but Otabek will appear in Yurio’s EX (laugh).

–So you mean that Otabek will Skate with Yurio, like Victor did in Yuri’s EX!?

Technically, he won’t skate together. But I think no one could imagine how he appears.

Mr. Miyamoto (Kenji)’s choreograph was also very interesting. I was laughing by thinking ‘Oh no, this must be great!’ while drawing the storyboard (laugh). Most of rough scenes of animation were drawn by Mr. Tatenaka, who has drawn skate scenes in anime, and they were also super wonderful. I couldn’t illustrate scenes of skating performances without being cut, ever since the first episode when Victor was performing his FS. So I was deeply moved by making whole scenes of skating performance without being cut again.
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Everything I have desired are in these disks

–Please tell us more about gifts attached to the disks.

In volume6, other than Yurio’s EX, another video of figure skater Mr. Stéphane Lambiel’s recording scene which I took with my iPad is included (we have received permission from himself). Even how he stands while recording was beautiful, and his reaction when he made a mistake was very cute…!

And we also made a lot of retouches in illustrations. There will be no scenes which Victor doesn’t look beautiful! Mr. Hiramatsu (Character designer, chief animation director) and Ms. Ito (Animation assistant director) have put full efforts to retouching animations. I think some of the audiences might feel like watching a completely different film.

Those retouching works might made slight differences between character’s relations. There is a small difference before Yurio performing his FS, which I want audiences to take a close look.

–Please give a message to fans!

If you are wavering of buying Blu-rays & DVDs or not, take me at my word, I prefer buying it! You won’t understand how much I want you to watch it (laugh). Please expect it.


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Yuri!!! on ICE 5

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Gifts for each volume

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・Special videos included in volume6
Yuri Plisetsky Exhibition
Stéphane Lambiel’s recording scene

 ・Gift given to customers who have purchased all volumes
Newly drawn manga by Mitsuro Kubo