“Hozuki’s Coolheadedness” 2nd Season will be On Air in October. Comments from Casts Arrived


Mini-exhibition of original works will also start from April 22!


TV anime “Hozuki’s Coolheadedness” 2nd Season was decided to be on air in October.

The story is based on Hell, where crowded with demons as usual. Protagonist Hozuki and his unique friends will continue to appear from 1st season, adding new characters such as Hozuki’s childhood friend, twins’ demon and snow demon.

 The animation work will be by STUDIO DEEN and voice actors will continue to perform from 1st season. Here are comments from casts and original manga artist Natsumi Eguchi. Furthermore, Mini-exhibition of original works will be opening at BOOKMARK Asakusa-Bashi from April 22~May 7. Check them!


Natsumi Eguchi (Original work)

I’m very happy. Thank you to all staffs and audiences. I’m personally looking forward to see how fiery chariot demon will appear as animation. Will he going to appear in anime? Please be looking forward to “Hozuki’s Coolheadedness” 2nd Season.


Hiroki Yasumoto (as Hozuki)

I’m happy to play in this anime again, but I’m happier to meet those crazy characters. Oh, it means that I’m also one of the “Hozuki” fans (laugh). To conclude, I’m feeling same as most of audiences. Let’s wait for now.


Takashi Nagasako (as King Enma)

Once again, the gate to hell is opening. Please enjoy watching the strengthened Hell! I’ll try to perform in my best condition. Please keep cheering for us.


Yumiko Kobayashi (as Shiro)

Hooray! The 2nd season is coming! Bow-wow! I was waiting for this moment! I’m very excited to meet my unique demon friends again! Of course, all audiences are counted as members of Hell! Let’s enjoy everyday life in hell with Hozuki-sama!


Hiroki Goto (as Kakisuke)

The official information was announced! It’s “弐期 (2nd season)” ! It’s not “二期” but “弐期”! How cool is that! We will serve you the hellish everyday life again (laugh)! What kind of parodies will appear for 2nd season, or are there will be any parodies!? Please cheer us for the 2nd season!


Takashi Matsuyama (as Rurio)

YES! Shiro, Kakisuke, it’s chance to show audiences our actions at Fukisho Hell! Our role is to stand out for moments which don’t much matter in anime. Let’s show our actions of not caring the story! (And some of you who are fans of Rurio, please cheer for me! By Rurio)


Daisuke Hirakawa (as Momotarō)

Yeah! TV anime 2nd season is coming! Thank you to all people who supported us from present world. Thank you very much. I’m very happy to meet entertaining friends. I’ll try hard to play the role of straight man (?). Please enjoy hellish (sometimes heavenish) world of Hozuki!


Koji Yusa (as Hakutaku)

I’m very happy to hear that the 2nd season was decided. There are so many things coming to my mind, such as ‘which character will appear in 2nd season?’ Anyway, Hakutaku will be beaten up by him… I’m not satisfied with that!


TV anime “Hozuki’s Coolheadedness” 2nd Season
Official website: http://www.hozukino-reitetsu.com/
Official Twitter: @hozuki_anime


Original work = Natsumi Eguchi (serializing on ‘Morning’ Kodansha)
Director = Kazuhiro Yoneda
Script = Midori Goto
Character design = Omatsuri Jiro
Editor = Rie Matsubara
Sound director = Shoji Hata
Sound effect = Emi Takanashi
Sound work = Sound Team Don Juan
Music work = KING RECORDS
Animation work = STUDIO DEEN


Hozuki = Hiroki Yasumoto
King Enma = Takashi Nagasako
Shiro = Yumiko Kobayashi
Kakisuke = Hiroki Goto
Rurio = Takashi Matsuyama
Oko = Eri Kitamura
Nasubi = Toko Aoyama
Karauri = Tetsuya Kakihara
Karashi = Atsumi Tanezaki
Peach Maki = Sumire Uesaka
Momotarō = Daisuke Hirakawa
Hakutaku = Koji Yusa
Zashiki Warashi・Ichiko = Satomi Sato, Niko = Yui Ogura
Miki = Ayaka Suwa