‘Masamune-kun’s Revenge’ The Popular Comic Gets A TV Anime Adaption

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Official website and key visuals now online

©Hazuki Takeoka・Tiv・Ichijinsha/「Masamune-kun’s Revenge」 Production Committee(Provisionary

     The Popular comic series Masamune-kun’s Revenge which runs in Monthly ComicREX is getting a TV anime adaption. Also a teaser visual was released with an official show website which has gone online.

     A dull and fat boy named Makabe Masamune, takes advantage of being dumped by the pretty Aki Adagaki. He transforms himself into a handsome and lean boy. This “Revenge Love Comedy” follows Masamune becoming a different person by changing his last name, and ultimately making the highly sadistic Aki (also known as the Brutal Princess) fall in love with him in his quest for the ultimate revenge. 

     The released teaser visual has an illustration that reveals this relationship with Masamune and heroine Aki Adagaki staring back at each other.

     The latest information about the broadcast will be released later on the official site. Stay tuned to learn more about casting choices and other interesting announcements♪

     Details :

     TV Anime ‘Masamune-kun’s Revenge’

Broadcast Info : To Be Announced


‘I’ll get my revenge on this sadistic Brutal Princess!’

     He came to this city to take revenge. Makabe Masamune, a fat and dull boy who was bullied by the beautiful Aki Adagaki eight years ago is back with a new name and a lean, handsome appearance. It is all to seduce the sadistic “Brutal Princess” who rejected him before, and to dump her in the most humiliating fashion possible, all for revenge.

     Website :http://www.masamune-tv.com/

     ● Manga
Masamune-kun’s Revenge’ (Serialized by REX Comics/ Monthly Comic Rex’)

Illustrated by : Tiv
     Written by : Hazuki Takeoka
     Published : 1 to 7 volumes

      ● Novel
     Novel ‘Masamune-kun’s Revenge’ (by Ichijinsha)
Written by : Hazuki Takeoka
     Illustrated by : Tiv

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