Majestic Prince Anime Broadcast Slot -Majestic Prince Hour- Begins Along with a Plethora of Offerings

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Special New Visual From Character Designer Hisashi Hirai Released

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     The theatrical film for anime Majestic Prince (aka: Galactic Armored Fleet Majestic Prince), is set for release in Fall 2016. At the hugely popular commemoration event for the film, not only did all tickets sell out the day before, but over 520,000 viewers watched live via streaming service Line Live.

     It was also revealed that all 24 episodes of the 2013 season of the Majestic Prince TV series, would be re-aired with 2 episodes weekly in the Majestic Hour time slot. In addition, a special brand new 25th episode will air along with the original show. The show is planned to run for about 3 months, leading up to the film’s theatrical release, so fans can enjoy the show once more before the franchise’s latest production.

     In addition to the new broadcast info, a new key visual for the show was introduced. The visual from character designer Hisashi Hirai (Gundam Seed, Fafner of the Azure, etc.) shows the brave images of Team Rabbits, the pilot group which the protagonists belong to.                       

     The Majestic Hour times lot will air Thursdays starting July 7, 2016. It will stream live online at 10 pm on Niconico( /mjp). Whether you are a long time or a new Majestic Prince fan, don’t miss this special broadcast!

     In addition, a large scale Majestic Prince project is in the works for 2016. There is a official fan submission search to choose the film’s subtitle, with the winning entry being shown on screen as part of the official film title. The winner will also receive his or her name credited on the big screen under the title ‘Subtitle Creator’.

     There are also the new CR Majestic Prince Pachinko Game Machines now at pachinko halls nationwide in Japan. The Online Radio Show  ‘GDF Sponsored Broadcasts Are Back!MJP Too Bad So Sad Radio’ is airing on internet radio station Onsen.  Not only that but the original novel, Galactic Armored Fleet Majestic Prince – The Girl of the beginning and the Promised Helix, currently serialized online at Kono Manga ga Sugoi! Graphic Novel Compilations are scheduled for the Fall. And to top all that off, the full 24 episode TV Blu-ray Box with a plethora of extras, hits the shelves on September 14, 2016. There’s tons more Majestic Prince projects in the works so stay tuned all you fans!


     ■ Majestic Hour – Majestic Prince

Starts Airing July 7
     All 24 Episodes along with special brand-new Episode 25! Two episodes back to back every week! 

     Broadcast Info :
     Streaming Every Thursday at 10 pm on Nico Nico

     Every Thursday at 2 am on BS11

     Majestic Prince : The MovieProvisional Title
In Theatres :Autumn 2016
     The latest original MJP production hits the big screen with an all new original story!

     Theatrical Film Subtitle Search Majestic Prince: The MovieProvisional TitleYou Come Up With The Subtitle!
An official search is out for the Majestic Prince: The Movie(Provisional Title)subtitle!  Not only will the fan with the winning submission have their subtitle shown on screen, they will see their name credited onscreen under the Subtitle Creation title!

     Details・Application Info :

Galactic Armored Fleet Majestic Prince Blu-ray BOX Limited Edition First Run Set
On Sale September 14 , 2016
     Price :32,000 yen plus tax
     Episode Count :24
     Contents :Main Feature run for 564 minutes + video extras(本編4枚組+2 Drama CDs)

     【Limited Edition First Run Extras】
     ・DVD BOX Designed By Character Designer Hisashi Hirai
     ・Digipack Designed By Mecha Designer Hiroshi Tani
     ・Drama CD Collection(8 in all)
     ・Newly Edited Special Booklet

     【Standard DVD Extras】
     ・Non Credit Opening and Endings(6 in total)
     ・AHSMB(ASH) Battle Digest Collection
     ・Promotional Video Collection

     ※Limited Edition only available while supplies last. When supplies are exhausted only standard editions will be available.                           
     ※Details and Content of Product are subject to change without notice.
Disks Produced and Released By TOHO animation

     Original Novel: Galactic Armored Fleet Majestic Prince – The Girl of the Beginning and The Promised Helix
Author :Yoshitaka Shindo
     Serialized At:『Kono Manga wa Sugoi!WEB』(Takarajimasha, Inc.)

     Updated Every Thursday at 17:00
     Graphic Novels:Released Scheduled For This Fall

     Online Radio Show :’GDF Sponsored Broadcasts Are BackMJP Too Bad So Sad Radio.’
Now Streaming on Online Radio Station Onsen

     New Episodes Every Final Friday of the Month
     Host :Shintaro Asanuma(Voice of Toshikazu Asagi)

     TV Anime Galactic Armored Fleet Majestic Prince
Website :
     Twitter :
     Facebook :


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