Happy Elements’ New Project ‘Idol Memories’ TV Anime is Set to Broadcast in October 2016

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Starring an Extra Energetic and Ultra-Realistic Cast You Won't Want to Miss

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     Here’s the exclusive scoop on a recent announcement made by PASH! PLUS on an upcoming project with Happy Elements.

     A new TV series titled, Idol Memories is currently in the making as part of a new project and it is scheduled to air in October 2016 on Tokyo MX.

     Set in the near future, the world of virtual reality and pop stars have advanced and is now a huge part of everyday life. Two pop star units attend a prestigious school for pop stars, and the drama and the competitive lives of the pop stars begin to unfold throughout the story. Get ready to be blown away by the captivating and extra energetic world of virtual reality.

     For the animation portions, this project will be the first time for Katsuya Kikuchi to work as the director. Seven Arcs Pictures, which has helped out in previous works like Dog Days and Trinity Seven, will be the main animation production.

     Unlike other anime series, Idol Memories will not be a series that will just be focused on the animation, but where the cast will perform as well. For the first time in anime series’ history, the staff are attempting to create a ‘hybrid anime’ series.

     Story :
     Let’s create the most amazing virtual reality world where we will be No. 1 in the ‘Pop star league‘.

     With high speed connection and advance technology, virtual reality is now the most advanced it’s ever been. Now it is a world where you can experience a realistic concert live or even go on a trip without taking a step out of your house. The world of pop stars have changed as well, and now everything is done through the net and in a virtual reality space. In this environment, the pop stars battle it out and compete to be No. 1 in the ‘Pop star league’ and their needs and popularity around the world continue to increase as the competition gets more intense.

     Each country now has a specific school which nurtures and trains its most talented pop stars. Out of all the schools, ‘Private Blossom Music Academy’ is the most prestigious, but despite its reputation, the school is suffering with low rankings on the ‘Pop star league’ stage. During this difficult time, two new units full of spunk and fun personalities come with full determination to change all that, and to make it to the top.

     Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of the members for the two main units: StarRing and Shadow. Check them out and get a better look into their vital details below.

     ☆Vivi Rin: voiced by Moe Toyota
     Honest and bright, Vivi is StarRing’s mood maker. Vivi has a powerful singing voice from all the times spent practicing at karaoke, and is the leader of the team. She is originally from Shanghai and her dream is to perform at a live concert back in Shanghai.


     ☆Sena Hattori : voiced by Marika Hayase
     Sena is the oldest member and the self-proclaimed leader of StarRing. She comes across as the intellectual, older sister kind of girl, but in reality, is a bit of an airhead. She’s into Lego blocks and brags that there’s nothing she can’t build.


     ☆Kokona Hayakawa : voiced by Yu Kimura
     She is cuteness personified and has that bubbly pop star quality to her. Having always looked up to her great-grandmother who was a stage actress, that influence was what got her into wanting to become a pop star. Behind her cheerful smiles is a determination that will bend to no one. She has studied abroad in China.


     ☆Miku Kajiwara : voiced by Mayu Sagara
     Miku is the youngest and serves as the leader for Shadow. She is diligent and has a strong grip on herself. She tries to act grown up, but is often childish. Though she is the youngest member, she has a sharp tongue.


     ☆Yuchou Ra : voiced by Ruriko Aoki
     Yuchou wants to become a pop star but doesn’t have the motivation and drive to work for it. Known for her laziness, the other members always end up cleaning her dorm room for her. She is extremely close with her pet husky dog and is originally from Dalian, China.


     ☆Nanami Hoshi : voiced by Riko Kohara
     She is an introvert and shy around people. Nanami prefers to stay inside and is a skilled programmer who likes to collect figurines and character goods. Despite her 20/20 vision, she likes to wear spectacles every so often.


     And just before the official broadcast of the anime series, an exclusive teaser was released on July 8th, 2016. Plus, starting in August, the internet radio station Onsen will release the radio broadcast of Idol Memories – Private Blossom Music Academy Broadcast‘ (私立華音学園放送部). Make sure to tune in so you can hear from the cast on the nico nico broadcast.

     Join the rest of Asia for an awesome one-of-a-kind project!

     Details :

     ‘Idol Memories’ TV anime

On Air : October 2016 on Tokyo MX

     Staff :
     Original work :  Happy Elements Asia Pacific
     Director :  Katsuya Kikuchi
     Series organizer :  Hiroshi Oonogi
     Character design・animation director :  Suzuna Okuyama
     Character design original draft :  Graphinica Inc.
     Art background :  Tezuka production
     3DCG animation :  Tetra
     Sound director :  Chikako Yokota
     Sound composition :  Glovision
     Animation production :  Seven Arcs Pictures

     Cast :  
     Vivi Rin :  Moe Toyota
     Sena Hattori :  Marika Hayase
     Kokona Hayakawa :  Yu Kimura
     Miku Kajiwara :  Mayu Sagara
     Yuchou Ra :  Ruriko Aoki
     Nanami Hoshi :  Riko Kohara

     Website : http://idol-memories.com
     Twitter : (News and update account) @idolmemories_pr/’Private Blossom Music Academy’ (『私立華音学園』) PR account : @kanon_press

     ★WEB radio broadcast Idol Memories: Private Blossom Music Academy broadcast internet radio station <Onsen> starting August
     Website : http://www.onsen.ag/idol-memories

     ★nico nico broadcast begins from mid August 2016 (scheduled for broadcast once a month)

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