‘Allout!!’ Teaser Visual, Broadcast Time, and Main Staff Details Revealed!

2016.02.22 <PASH!PLUS+>

Four Character Poster Visuals also Unveiled

©Amase Shiori - Kodansha Ltd./Jinkou Rugby Club

     Allout!! the new rugby anime’s teaser visual, broadcast time, and main staff have been officially announced. Broadcast is set for Autumn 2016.

     The Director is Kenichi Shimizu who was involved in Parasyte – the maxim, The Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher, and was also active in his high school rugby club. Masahiro Yokotani of Free! is in charge of the series composition and screenplay, and Shingo Irie of Kuroko’s Basketball has been chosen as scriptwriter. Character design will be handled by Masanori Shino of Black Lagoon.

     Below are the released comments from each major staff member.

     ● Director Kenichi Shimizu
     Having played rugby in my school days, I have long sought for and am very grateful to participate in a rugby anime. I hope the intensity that gushes from each individual character within the original work can be felt when watching the anime. The entire staff has formed a firm scrum to work together (sometimes violently clashing against each other <laughs>) so we truly appreciate all your support.

     ●Series Composition and Screenplay Masahiro Yokotani
     I don’t have any rugby experience. However, when I think about my complex ridden student days, I am irresistibly drawn to characters that face some kind of complex. Beginning with Gion and Iwashimizu, even the characters from the rival schools are facing and struggling desperately with something. I hope to struggle alongside the characters, while drawing them as they desperately struggle, overcome, and grow stronger as a team. Thank you for your support.

     ● Screenplay Shingo Irie
     Like the series compositioner Yokotani, I am also a liberal arts major but I greatly empathize with the intensity in the original work. With the staff and cast working together, I hope we can further amplify this intensity. In addition, the origin story of rugby player Akayama is drawn out in detail on the special edition comic drama CD. An unexpected aspect of him can be witnessed here. We hope you will enjoy it along with the anime.

     ●Character design Masanori Shino
     It has personally been a long time since working on a sport related piece, and furthermore with this being the first rugby themed tv anime,  I’m full of expectations and tension. The ALLOUT!! characters have various designs that are attractive and fun to draw! I want to deliver the sex appeal and charm found in the original characters to everyone in the audience. There is still a huge amount of work to conquer, however, I will try my best to make this production better and better.

     It should be noted, three animation film companies: TMS entertainment of Yowamushi Pedal, MAD-HOUSE of Dial, and Telecom of new TV series Lupin the 3rd will work on this animation.

     The poster visuals with selfies of the characters have been released, so please have a look. We are looking forward to the Autumn start.

Gion Kenji

Iwashimizu Sumiakii

■Sekizan Takuya

■ Hachioji Mutsumi

     The Japan Rugby Football Union has also decided to cooperate with this project. For those of you who are the great fans of sports genre, it will definitely be the hottest show for you.


     ALL OUT!!

     ON AIR:Broadcast from 2016 Fall
     Website: http://allout-anime.com/
     Twitter: @allout_anime

     Original Story: Amase Shiori (Monthly Morning Two / Kodansha)
     Director: Kenichi Shimizu
     Series Composition and Screenplay: Masahiro Yokotani
     Screenplay: Shingo Irie
     Character design: Masanori Shino
     Production: TMS Entertainment, MADHOUSE
     Planning and Production Team: Telecom Animation Film

     Shouya Chiba
     Yuto Adachi
     Yoshimasa Hosoya 
     Ryota Osaka

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