‘Ajin-Clash-‘ the Final Movie in the Trilogy has an Anime Original Ending Unlike the Comic

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Also info on a raffle for tickets to the special advance screening on September 2

©Gamon Sakurai・Kodansha/Anji Control Committee

     ‘AjinClash-‘ The final chapter of the theatrical anime trilogy ‘Ajin’ will  open across the country on September 23, 2016.

     A grand three-way conflict between an immortal high school student, terrorists and the Japanese government unfolds in the last chapter; ‘Ajin-Clash-‘. Enemies and allies astoundingly switch sides and human relationships in this thrilling story become severely entangled. Then the dreadful identities of Ajin and Sato are revealed bit by bit. This film will have a different ending than the original comic. The end has been planned in such a way that even the fans of the original comic will be interested how it plays out. The film is drawing a lot of attention.

     The key visuals of the production, story, and information on the second part of the country-wide advance tickets sales, along with three bonuses were announced. The bonuses include an invitation by raffle drawing to the complete showcase screening on September 2, 2016. The cast will be in attendance there as well. These perks are for the buyers who have pre-purchased the advance tickets. Sales begin July 15!

     ‘Ajin-Clash-‘ Story of the Final Chapter

     ‘This is the signal for the start of the countdown’, ‘Purification’ of the second wave has started.

     Ishimura, Sakurai, Kishi, Kai, Li… all these important people are being killed following this sequence in the list. However, the Japanese government maintains an unyielding stance towards the terrorists.

     Police, The Anti-Ajin Special Division, The Japan Self-Defense Force, The Pentagon, and Ajin Control Committee official Tosaki and Ajin high school student Kei Nagai, operate covertly.

     Kei believes that ‘With the second wave complete, we move to the next stage. The Third….this is the final wave’. He formulates a plan to neutralize Sato, an Ajin. His plan however seems to fall apart at an unexpected juncture.

     The extremist Ajin groups finally start to move. What is Sato’s and the evil terrorists’ true aim? Who will stop Sato?

     Details :

     ‘Ajin -Clash-‘ Third chapter in the movie trilogy


     Staff :
     Original Work : Gamon Sakurai (serialized in Kodansha’s good! Afternoon)
     Supervising Director : Hiroyuki Sesshita
     Director: Hiroaki Ando
     Series Composition:  Hiroshi Seto
     Production Designer : Ferdinand Patulli, Naoya Tanaka
     Character Design : Yuki Moriyama
     Modeling Director :Mitsunori Kataama 
     Art Director : Yoshikatsu Matsumoto, Hiroshi Takiguchi 
     Color Setting : Hironori Nochi 
     Unit Director : Keisuke Ide, Takeshi Iwata, Taku Yonebayashi, Kazumi Akio
     CG Supervisor : Takeshi Iwada, Masayuki Uemoto, Susumu Sugai, Yuki Mizoguchi
     Editor : Aya Hida, Jun Watanabe
     Sound Director : Yoshikazu Iwanami
     Music : Yuugo Kanno
     Music Production : King Records Animation 
     Animation Production : Polygon Pictures 
     Distribution : TOHO
     Production : Ajin Control Committee

     Cast :
     Kei Nagai : Mamoru Miyano
     Kaito: Yoshimasa Hosoya
     Kou Nakano : Jun Fukuyama
     Satou : Hochuu Otsuka 
     Koji Tanaka : Daisuke Hirakawa 
     Tosaki : Takahiro Sakurai 
     Izumi Shimomura : Mikako Komatsu 
     Ikuya Ogura : Hiroyuki Kinoshita 
     Sokabe : Kenichi Suzumura 
     Almeida : Toshiyuki Morikawa 
     Meyers : Maaya Sakamoto
     Eriko Nagai : Aya Suzuki 
     Kotobuki : Souma Saito et al 

     Website :www.ajin.net
     twitter :@anime_ajin/#亜人計画

     Information on the Nationwide special advance ticket sales

                 Advance ticket


                    Movie tickets

     Release date : 
     Nationwide sales begin at participating theaters from July 15, 2016
     * Services may not be available in some theaters. Check official website for details.

     Advance booking benefits : 
     (1) QR code for the Complete showcase screening raffle draw included!  
25 pairs/50 people will be invited by raffle draw to the ‘Ajin-Clash-‘ Complete showcase screening on September 2, 2016! QR code for the raffle draw is included, so please apply!
     (2) You will be able to hear the voices of famous Ajin characters!  
QR code for listening to famous lines of the main characters in their voice is also included! A chance to listen to a part of the famous lines from The last chapter ‘Ajin-Clash-‘ before anyone else! 

     (3) Original clear file

     ■ ‘Ajin-Clash-‘ Complete showcase screening
     Date and Time : September 2, 2016
     Location :Somewhere in Tokyo *Location will be given to the winning candidates along with the notification of selection 
     Presenters : Miyano Mamoru (playing Kei Nagai), Daisuke Hirakawa (playing Tanaka Isaotsugi), General Manager Hiroyuki Seshimo , Director Hiroaki Ando
     Details (As Currently Scheduled) : ‘Ajin-Clash-‘ Complete showcase screening, talk-show with the actors Check the official home page for details.

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