“Yuri!!! on ICE” Comments on Music by Music Production Team!


Introducing some pieces of music in SP & FS of Yuri Katsuki, Victor and Yuri Plisetsky♪


Yuri Plisetsky FS
“”Piano concerto in B minor: Allegro Appassionato” (3:47)
Conducted by Taku Matsushiba, Ensemble FOVE (Piano: Kaoru Jitsukawa)


The performances of Mr. Matsushiba’s conduction, Mr. Kaoru’s elegant piano, Ensemble FOVE’s strings, brass, wooden pipe and percussion were soulful and wonderful. I could tell that the members of Ensemble FOVE are really in high level, which they were playing Mr. Matsushiba’s difficult scores very easily. I personally recorded this type of classical music with live performance for the first time. And its newly written score… this isn’t a normal thing to happen. I was really excited when I was editing this music to the scene of Yurio’s skating (episode 9 & 12).


Kenjirō Minami FS
“Minami’s Boogie” (3:32)
Taro Umebayashi


The songwrite and electric guitar is by Mr. Umebayashi himself. Brass-arrange was done by Yoichi Murata, who is well known with ‘SOLID BRASS’ and a representative trombonist in Japan. The music became really entertaining but powerful and explicit with perfect brass-arrange.

I was glad to see the high-spirited choreography with a performance of air guitar by choreographer Kenji Miyamoto.

I went to watch the “Christmas on Ice” to study figure skating, but it was my first time of watching an ice show, so I tried hard to get tickets. I logged in to the ticket page really fast, but tickets were sold out immediately. I was surprised by the popularity of figure skate, and when I was about to giving up, producer Yamamoto told me ‘I got a ticket from my friend’ and he gave me the ticket. I thought Mr. Yamamoto was a great person at that moment.


Phichit Chulanont SP
“’Shall We Skate?’ from a movie Osama to Skater (The King and the Skater) (2:15)
Taku Matsushiba featuring The Soulmatics


The main vocal and chorus were done by a gospel group The Soulmatics. They well knew the sound images of Broadway, Disney, “glee” and more, so they grasp the point of what we were wanting. Also, some of the members were trained at New York, which made the recording to be done without hesitation. When we were recoding the background chatter, they casted themselves as the King, vassals, gatekeeper, town girl, drunker and more to make the atmosphere of the session, which was really fun.

The sounds hear like a live performance, but most of the sounds were made by sampling and step recording. This is done by Plus-tech Squeeze Box, alias Tomonori Hayashibe, who has nicknamed ‘the magician of sampling’. He is a genius of making any sounds with computer programs, and Disney-ish, musical-ish, cartoon-ish music are his fields of expertise. He exhibited his full power to this piece of music. Some other music, even non-programed music are arranged by Mr. Hayashibe in “Yuri!!! on ICE”. This is about an another anime, but the 17th episode in “Space☆Dandy”(Produced by Shinichiro Watanabe) is all about musical and all the music are made by Mr. Umebayashi and Mr. Hayashibe. This episode is well-made and really laughable, so if you are interested, please watch it.


Phichit Chulanont FS
“’Terra Incognita’ from a movie Osama to Skater 2 (The King and the Skater 2) (3:41)
Taku Matsushiba featuring U-zhaan


This is a hybrid world music which is a mixture of BBflute, bansuri, tabla and sitar in live performance, bagpipes, electric guitar, synthesizer, step recording and Bulgarian-ish chorus. I personally love this music because the balance of groove went perfect, without being chaotic atmosphere. ‘Bansuri’ is an Indian instrument which has a similar sound to Shakuhachi (Japanese banboo flute) and it was performed by Junichiro Taku who performed flute sound in the music of “Yuri!!! on ICE”. He has the power to express the scene with his performance, so recording with him was really fun. I cooperated with Mr. Taku in some other animations such as “Terror in Resonance” which I made the background music with Yoko Kanno (further comments about this are below). ‘Tabla’ was performed by U-Zhaan and ‘sitar’ was performed by Daikichi Yoshida. They are both top players in Japan. Some other pieces of music, such as music used in trailers are made with cooperation of U-zhaan with his great performance.

Q.What are the meaning and language used in this music as lyrics?

I imaged an archaism of which used in an imperial ruled country in ancient Asia, but to be honest, it means nothing. I first finished with melody and chose some words which enhance the melody. This way of choosing words were like vocalizing (* way of singing with vowels but without lyrics). I chose these words with Mr. Matsushiba while vocalist Tomoko Koda was recording. These techniques are influenced by Yoko Kanno when we were working together. Way of breathing, directing, producing, strength and weakness and all the other things needed for making music are taught by her.


Guang-Hong Ji SP
“La Parfum de Fleurs” (2:05)
Conducted by Taku Matsushiba, Ensemble FOVE


Ami Ito (Ensemble FOVE) is performing the solo part with violin, but the way of performing is like a Chinese fiddle, to be concentrated on vibrato. The first impression of this music might be an easy-listening and beautiful, but in reality, this is a curious music but has romantic atmosphere. I really love this. (Matsushiba)


Guang-Hong Ji FS
“’The Inferno’ from a movie Shanghai Blade (3:43)
Taku Matsushiba

The orchestra part of this music was done by Ensemble FOVE and other beat arrangement and SE/ME works were done by beat arranger Nozomu Yoneda. First half of the part is in six-eight time and it changes to quadruple time after the car chasing. It was especially hard to make the atmosphere of speeding with six-eight time, but it succeeded with a help of Mr. Yoneda. The wonderful performance of sax was done by Kohei Ueno with a scene of “abduction and confinement”. Actually, it’s hard to discover, but the sound effect of running car is used in the music (laugh).

The order was to make the music sound like ‘Chinese mafia’, so I was peering the poster of a movie “Infernal Affairs” and fantasized its sound tracks while making the music (but actually, I haven’t watched it yet). The sound of sax by Mr. Ueno is rude and erotic. I think I was keep saying ‘more erotic!’ for all the time while I was making music.


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